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Take It Again--From The Top

Lion Publishing, Batavia, IL, 1986
ISBN 0 7459 1138 2

"Success means . . . having the kind of job they make designer clothes for."

"Is there life after Total Failure?"
Hmmm . . .

After her childhood reputation as the Great Achiever wore off, Debra found the messes in her life too tough to handle. With one leg flung over the balcony railing, she counted the floors to the parking lot below.
Then something happened.
"Oh, God, what am I doing?"

Starting over meant learning that life is more than squeezing into size 6 Calvin Klein jeans, or finding easy answers to problems like pain and depression. Fitness becomes an issue of belief as well as body. Is running the marathon really the greatest goal?

Debra had quite literally to take it over again: her approach to her job, her jogging, her friends, life and love, fat and fitness. But--Debra being Debra--nothing went quite according to plan.

Here is a book that talks about the problems we all come up against. It's a marvelous book full of wit and wry humor, a book to make you laugh--and a book to make you think.