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"The Death of Me!" screenplay

Wanting to make a difference in the world and win a bitter fund raising competition, a narcissistic speaker impulsively lies and announces she is terminally ill, causing donations to skyrocket. Caught in her lie she unwillingly becomes a mentor to a Brownie scout and a member of a cancer support group both of whom force her to reevaluate her own integrity and ultimately question what "making a difference" really means.

"Silk Therapy"

Some people drink, some people eat, other people go to fabric stores.

"Hound of Hell"

This piece was read at a public reading at the Jack Straw Studios in Seattle, Washington. It was later rebroadcast on KUOW, Seattle.

The Jack Straw Writers Program was established to introduce more local writers to the medium of audio, to encourage the creation of new literary works, and to provide writers with new venues for the presentation of their work through live reading, radio and internet broadcasts.

"I'd Rather Be Here Now"

Reflections on being in Manhattan on September 11, 2001.
Preached to University Congregational United Church of Christ on September 8, 2002.

Take It Again--From The Top

"Success means . . . having the kind of job they make designer clothes for."

"Is there life after Total Failure?"
Hmmm . . .

After her childhood reputation as the Great Achiever wore off, Debra found the messes in her life too tough to handle. With one leg flung over the balcony railing, she counted the floors to the parking lot below.
Then something happened.
"Oh, God, what am I doing?"

Starting over meant learning that life is more than squeezing into size 6 Calvin Klein jeans, or finding easy answers to problems like pain and depression. Fitness becomes an issue of belief as well as body. Is running the marathon really the greatest goal?

Here is a book that talks about the problems we all come up against. It's a marvelous book full of wit and wry humor, a book to make you laugh--and a book to make you think.

Free To Be Fit

For many, exercise is the best way to treat Type II diabetes. When done properly, workouts improve the body's use of insulin, blood sugar and fat. You can learn to take charge of your health in a way that's fun, cheap, available and safe. Like medicine, exercise works best when the directions for its use are followed closely. This book will spell out what you need to know to have a good workout and keep healthy.

HIV Positive, Living With AIDS

"In the midst of what seemed like chaos to me, there emerged some people who were living with AIDS. Their lives focused on surviving, growing and beginning, not deteriorating, fading and ending.

Instead of sitting in the darkness, they were walking in the light. I have learned much from these people, and I have included many of their words in this book . . ."

The Journey Through AIDS, A Guide For Loved Ones and Caregivers

Your life has been touched by AIDS.

Maybe your child or your partner has AIDS. Or maybe a friend, a neighbor or a coworker has just confided they are HIV positive. Suddenly you are scared. How is this going to affect you? What are you going to do?

This book can help. Here you will learn the facts about AIDS and how caregivers can help loved ones to cope with its tolls--physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Most important, you'll discover how to make sense of this journey--guided by interviews with caregivers, medical personnel and people living with AIDS. Their experiences will strengthen,encourage, and point to hope.